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YENISEI PHOTONICS 2022 All-Russian Scientific Conference

Event date:

Event place: Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

YENISEI PHOTONICS 2022, the second All-Russian Scientific Conference with international participation, will be held on 19-24 September 2022 at theSibFU’s School of Engineering Physics and Radioelectronics with the support of the L.V. Kirensky Institute of Physics (SB RAS).

The purpose of the conference is to increase the efficiency of scientific activities of young scientists and students in the field of photonics, develop cooperation with partners in Russia and abroad, strengthen international scientific ties, as well as create conditions for improving the competitiveness of SibFU.

The conference program will include lectures by leading scientists, oral and poster presentations by researchers, postgraduates and students in the field of photonics. A school physics section will also be held as part of the conference.
The plenary and sections sessions will review the results of theoretical and experimental research in the following areas:

  • new optical materials;
  • coherent optics and nonlinear photonics;
  • photonic crystals, metamaterials and topological phases;
  • biophotonics.

Abstracts are accepted until May 1, 2022.

Following the results of the conference, it is planned to publish abstracts in the Proceedings of the conference (ISBN, RSCI), and selected reports will be published in the form of articles in the Journal of Siberian Federal University. Mathematics and Physics (the journal is included in Scopus, in the Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI) included in the Basic Collection of Web of Science, and the Russian Science Citation Index).

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