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SibFU held conference on energy in Siberia

The first national intellectual leadership conference “Energy of Siberia” took place at SibFU on June 10th, 2015. The project is aimed at building a community of integrated business, culture and science.

The event was supported by the Administration of the Krasnoyarsk region and the German house of science and innovation in Moscow.

Young researches from Germany and Russia presented their innovative solutions to relevant issues in the mode of short speeches like those in TED talks. The speakers dwelled upon solutions to fight pandemias, shared the image of infrastructural comfort in Russia, and revealed secrets of little-known Siberian research.

So, thanks to the new technologies developed by Krasnoyarsk scientists with the help of the special equipment built by them, it has become possible to find new ways of using wood. The speakers encouraged applying more wood in construction works in Siberia and suggested that SibFU could become a pilot project, provided with proper scientific and technical background from Siberian State Technological University.

Other talks covered efficient ways of producing energy, such as micro-hydro-electro-plants. Installation of one of such micro-plants in the centre of Krasnoyarsk is currently being discussed.

You can find the video version of the conference here.

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