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SibFU and TrisKem sign agreement on strategic partnership

Siberian Federal University and Triskem Interrnational (France) signed an agreement on strategic partnership in education, research, technology and innovation on 17 October 2013.

«The agreement will contribute to involving Triskem in training, re-training and providing post-graduate study programmes in Radio Chemistry. It will help the institutions to invite international experts, develop educational programmes and arrange technologucal internships for students.Sergey Verkhovets, Vice Rector (Research and International Collaboration) said. — It is a framework agreement and its details will be outlined in specific documents».

In particular, the university intends to sign agreements on obtaining funding from the RF Government to invite TrisKem researchers to teach and do science at SibFU, develop an experimental laboratory to work with substances and materials and use TrisKem methods for developing tests and large scale experiments. The university intends to attract SibFU's faculty and students to attend conferences and workshops organized together with TrisKem.

Dr Steffen Happel, TrisKem's Research Director, said the agreement was mutually beneficial and it might lead to significant achievements in joint projects, research, testing, experiments and applied research. The institutions will jointly work on complex projects, develop research questions. They will apply student projects and master's theses/doctoral dissertations to TrisKem's research fields.

«Resins currently developed by TrisKem International are a result of solving important research probllems in radio chemistry. The company's research is directed at coping with problems beyond radio chemistry and giving researchers methods to face new unresolved questions».

«Collaboration with Siberian Federal University is qute honorable. Our organisation is a medium sized company. Its innovations in radio protection are internationally demanded and we hope our analytical equipment will contribute to SibFU's research», — Dr Happel said.

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