Consul of the Republic of Korea in Irkutsk visits SibFU | Новости СФУ

Consul of the Republic of Korea in Irkutsk visits SibFU

On February 9, 2021, the Consul of the Republic of Korea in Irkutsk, Mr. Shin Kyu Ho, visited Siberian Federal University. During the working meeting, he discussed cooperation with Anna Mezit, head of the International Department, and Maria Musaelyan, director of the Korean Centre, SibFU.

According to Anna Mezit, this was the first visit of the consul to Siberian Federal University: “We discussed the prospects for cooperation and joint work on new projects. During the visit, the consul donated sets of educational literature to the Korean Center. The visit was short and small-scale in terms of the participants, but both sides were satisfied with its results. We are counting on continued fruitful cooperation.”

The Korean Centre was established at the university in 2015. A year earlier, SibFU opened Korean language courses which are invariably popular among Krasnoyarsk residents, and with the switch to online education – outside Krasnoyarsk. Over the years, the Centre held Korean language summer intensive, master classes for beginners, and a conversation club for fans of the Korean language.

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