Mehndi Contest

Mehndi (Hindi: मेहंदी, Urdu: مہندی) is the art of painting hands or feet, or the body, with a paste made of dried henna leaves. Mehndi art has been popular in the Asian and Arabic countries for almost two millennia…and if anything its popularity is only increasing!

International Stuff and Students Support Office invites everyone to participate in a Mehndi Contest, organized together with SibFU's faculty staff members from India. You can register as a contestant or a model, using this form. Do not put the registration on the back burner — the number of models and participants is limited.

Date and location of the event will be announced later. Be sure you’re following International Support Office VK page for the updates.

Вы можете отметить интересные фрагменты текста, которые будут доступны по уникальной ссылке в адресной строке браузера.