«Regional Problems of Earth Remote Sensing» Scientific Conference in SibFU

Event date:

September 11–14, 2018, V International Scientific Conference «Regional Problems of Earth Remote Sensing» is taking place at Siberian Federal University. The conference is organized by the School of Space and Information Technology of SibFU. Students, postgraduates, young scientists, lecturers and experts are invited to participate.

Conference objective is to discuss the problems of generating and developing of the regional systems of Earth remote sensing from space and their role in addressing the social and economic issues of the regions.

Topics of the Conference:

  • Modern and perspective systems of regional remote sensing;
  • Methods and algorithms for image processing;
  • Monitoring of ecosystems and agrocenosis;
  • Monitoring of industrial facilities and their Impact on natural environment;
  • Monitoring of emergencies;
  • Monitoring of construction;
  • Spatial data infrastructure;
  • Issues of legislative regulation of relations in the field of space activities;
  • Monitoring of environment, natural and anthropogenic objects and appearances;
  • Using small spacecrafts in solving regional problems of Earth remote sensing.

To participate in the conference, it is necessary to register and submit abstracts on the conference website before June 1, 2018.

Organizing Committee,

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