The winners and participants of #STUDYINRUSSIA — #STUDYINSIBFU were awarded

The winners and participants of #STUDYINRUSSIA — #STUDYINSIBFU instagram competition organized by Siberian Federal University and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation were awarded this week.

SibFU students from Kyrgyzstan, Iraq, India, Thailand, Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire took part in the competition, posting numerous photos and stories about their experience of living here and studying in our University. Three finalists were then chosen by the International department, and from there the places were allocated by 1738 voters taking a poll on University's social media. All participants and winners of the contest received valuable prizes from the University and an invitation to participate in a professional photo shoot.

The winners of the competition:

  • I place — student of ISI SFU from Kyrgyzstan, Kamila Satarova;
  • II place — listener of Russian language courses from Ghana, Rowland Adutvum;
  • III place — graduate student from India, Kuntak Dutta.

“I would like to thank all the participants on behalf of SibFU! We had an opportunity to get to know our students better, and we believe this competition gave them a chance to become more involved with our international community, which gets bigger and more diverse every year. We hope that in the future you'll continue to use the hashtags of the contest. Then students from all over the world interested in studying in Russia will be able to learn about life in SibFU,” — says Vera G. Upirova, Deputy Vice-Rector for Research and International Affairs.

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