SibFU will develop agro-preparations of new generation on means of megagrant

The project of Siberian Federal University “Agro-preparations of the new generation: the strategy of design and implementation” won the sixth contest for grants of the Government of the Russian Federation for scientific research.

The project will be implemented under the supervision of a visiting scientist from India Thomas Sabu Chatukulam, Professor in the field of science and technology of polymers, Ph.D., a member of the Royal Chemical Society.

The study is of particular importance in the context of the global environmental problem of the increased use of chemical pesticides and their futher accumulation in the biosphere. The research will result in the design of new generation preparations and the development of technologies for protecting cultivated plants from weeds and phytopathogens, increasing yields and reducing the risk of uncontrolled spread of pesticides in the biosphere. In addition, field trials of new polymer materials with an analysis of the quality of agricultural products are planned.

During the implementation of the project, it is also planned to create a laboratory of innovative preparations and materials in SibFU. The laboratory will:

  • conduct research;
  • develop eco-friendly preparations for agriculture;
  • develop new technologies and products for import substitution.

Moreover, the laboratory will train competitive professionals in this field.

Grants of the Government of the Russian Federation are allocated in the amount of up to 90 million rubles for scientific research within 3 years (2018–2020). This year 358 leading scientists from 41 countries of the world participated in the competition together with more than 170 scientific and educational organizations of Russia. In total, 35 scientific projects won the grants of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Ministry of Education.

SibFU has already implemented five megagrants at the invitation of leading scientists to the university in order to create new laboratories and develop their scientific work.

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