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Results of an autumn event Green Project SibFU

153 students and employees of the University took part in the annual environmental event Green Project SibFU. With the help of volunteers from the SibFU Voluntary Center and student teams 6,100 kg of wasted paper, 71 kg of plastic, and 28 kg of batteries were collected.

Krasnoyarsk schools were also involved in the event. They organized points for waste paper collection at their territories.

Vladislav Boyko, the manager of the event and an expert of the Department of Youth Projects SibFU, noticed that the number of participants among students has been growing every year: «Good news is that students show an increasing interest in improving the environment. In addition, the decreasing amount of collected wasted paper indicates an outstanding performance of organizers, as for the members of SibFU Green Project team the event is year-round.

I would like to add, that schools of Krasnoyarsk took part in the project with enthusiasm and organized points of waste paper collection. I believe that number of people treating the environment with care will only increase in the future».

The largest amount of waste paper (271.5 kg) was handed over by Artem Rukosuev, a student of the School of Education, Psychology and Sociology. He was awarded with a Xiomi Smart Wristband and a T-shirt with a logo of the event.

Besides, there was a contest of motivational slogans and quatrains on the ecological topic. Students Alina Mezheumova (School of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering) and Anna Pankova (School for the Humanities) came up with the best ideas and received souvenirs from the organizers.

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