Winners of SibFU Postdoc Fellowship Program

The results of the SibFU Postdoc Fellowship Program (Wave 2) were announced at the meeting of the commission headed by the Rector of SibFU, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Eugene Vaganov on August 3, 2017. Eighteen people from India, Pakistan, Egypt, Switzerland, Belarus and Russia applied for the positions of university researchers.

SibFU successfully organized and conducted Postdoc Fellowship Program in 2016, which resulted in the selection of candidates having all the necessary competencies, as well as international experience to enhance the international competitiveness of the university. During their work in SibFU the winners of the first wave achieved significant results. They published (and got accepted for publication at the time of the defense) more than two dozen scientific papers in the journals indexed by Scopus.

Postdocs are actively involved in participation in international events implemented in SibFU, as well as in the activities of the SibFU scientific community in order to popularize science in a foreign language and to develop an English-speaking environment in the university. Among the most famous projects with postdocs:

  • Shubhra Pande and Rajiv Ranjan speaking at the Science Trekk meeting: “Bioluminescence and Diet” on February, 7 with the popular science topics “Health benefits of dietary fiber: the biochemical mechanism” and “Bioluminescence based novel biosensing strategies for food hygiene and sanitation”;
  • April, 18 Moderating of the English speaking session “Applications of dendrochronology: from tree rings to beyond” by Alberto Arsak, Postdoc, Senior Researcher at the Laboratory of Ecosystem Ecology and Ecology, Assistant Professor of the Department of Ecology and Nature Management at the School of Ecology and Geography of SibFU at the annual international scientific and practical conference for young scientists “Prospect Svobodny”;
  • May, 26 Alberto Arsaka as speaker of the Science Trekk meeting on the topic “What do trees tell us about the climate?”.

Postdocs conduct consulting work with undergraduates and graduate students, in the future it is planned to involve them in the mentoring of PhD students, who will come to study in English-language postgraduate programs.

The university management sees the experience of attracting promising young scientists in SibFU as successful and decided to continue the postdoc program. This year the organizers paid more attention to the quality of applications. Moreover, in order to increase the productivity of the future postdoc, the scientific supervisors were also interviewed.

The winners of Postdoc Fellowship Program (Wave 2) were:

  • Ashish Kumar Yadav (India) — postdoc at the Institute of Functional Nano- and Soft Magnetic Materials, FUNSOM (PRC);
  • Mohamed Elsayed Eltoukhy (Egypt) — Lecturer at the Design Department, Nuclear Research Center, AEA (Egypt);
  • Sourabh Jain (India) — postdoc in the research group URMITE, Medical Faculty, Marseille University (France);
  • Evgeny Simonov (Russia) — Researcher of I. D. Papanin Institute for the Biology of Inland Waters at the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The purpose of the Postdoc Fellowship Program is attracting and subsequent employment of young researchers with experience of international work, Candidates of Sciences or PhD, to the university for teaching and conducting scientific research in priority scientific areas. The potential duration of the contract is 3 years.

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