Scientists of SibFU got the first batch of eco-friendly pitch

The team of scientists obtained the first batch of alternative binder for self-baking anodes in the production of aluminum — ecological pitch. Works on developing technology for obtaining a unique product are conducted in the School of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering in cooperation with the Engineering and Technology Center of RUSAL and with the support of scientists from the Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology of the SB RAS.

At the moment, the construction of a pilot line for the production of environmentally friendly pitch is being completed, and the pitch will be tested in industrial production later.

Scientists note that this year's work allowed improving the technological parameters of the pitch while maintaining the main advantages of this material - reduced content of carcinogenic components and high yield of the production in comparison with the traditional binder.

According to the project manager Fedor Buriukin, Director of the School of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, in the long run the use of environmentally friendly pitch at metallurgical enterprises will reduce the emission of polluting components into the air of the working area and residential areas: «Russian industry faces the task of increasing the volume of coal processing into non-fuel products. This technology is focused specifically on the deep processing of solid fossil fuels in highly demanded products on the market. The comprehensive support of the United Company RUSAL over the past few years pushed the development on a new level. The plans are to increase the production to the volume of pitch consumption required in the production of anode mass for aluminum plants of RUSAL».

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