III Meeting of the Interna­tional Advisory Council of Siberian Federal University

September 20–21, 2017 the third meeting of the International Advisory Council in Siberian Federal University took place. It was established as a part the 5top100 Project in order to support the international activities of the university for the period before and after 2020.

According to Eugene Vaganov, rector of SibFU, the main role of the council is to examine and evaluate all aspects of improving international competitiveness of the university: «The International Council is a special body that was established in Siberian Federal University after joining the 5top100 Project. It has power and authority. It analyzes the progress of the university and gives recommendations in the field of internationalization, improving the reputation, developing international cooperation — everything that should contribute to the international competitiveness of SibFU». .

The main goal of the meeting, in which the members of the rector's office, directors of schools, heads of key divisions and projects take part, is monitoring the work under the Competitiveness Program of the leading universities of the Russian Federation among the world's leading research and educational centers (5top100 Project ), expertise of the second stage roadmap for 2018–2020 and exchange of experience.

«We met not only to assess the progress of Siberian Federal University and the work that was done in the framework of improving international competitiveness but to share our experience with our colleagues. For example, SibFU represents unique experience in uniting several universities into one, and one of the challenges the university is facing is to ensure an even development of all its schools», — said Malcolm Hughes, the chairman of the International Council of SibFU, regent professor of the University of Arizona, member of the American Geophysical Union, a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Gregor Berghorg, Advisor on Scientific Issues of the German-Russian Forum (Berlin), also stressed the importance of developing international contacts at various levels: «The Competitiveness Enhancement Program (5top100 Project ) provides great prospects for universities and fosters the development of international contacts. For a long time Russia has been cut off from international cooperation in the field of education, and now it is necessary that Russian and foreign universities have students exchange, because international exchange of students is the greatest opportunity to expand the network of political and economic contacts in the world».

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