SibFU faculty member becomes Chair of the Russian Association for Digital Humanities

September 19, 2017 Siberian Federal University hosted the first meeting of the Steering Committee of the Russian Association for Digital Humanities

The Steering Committee of the Russian DH Association includes scholars from Moscow State University, National Research University High School of Economics, Baltic Federal University, Saint Petersburg National University of Information Technology, Mechanics and Optics, and Tomsk State University. Chair of Digital Humanities Russia is Maxim Rumyantsev, Associate Professor at the Department of Digital Humanities, Siberian Federal University.

The meeting was held as a part of Digital Humanites Russia conference.

Digital Humanities Russia is a Partner Organization to the European Association for Digital Humanities chaired by Professor Øyvind Eide of the University of Cologne.

He says that establishing the Russian Association for Digital Humanities is an important step in bringing together research teams that use DH methods and approaches: «We can speak different languages and use different methods, but we share a common scientific interest in the use of computer tools and digital technologies in the humanities. I hope that founding of the Russian Association of Digital Humanities will allow us to overcome language and cultural boundaries and develop close and fruitful cooperation».

Maxim Rumyantsev, Chair of the Russian Association for Digital Humanities says that the idea of uniting researchers who use digital technologies in the Humanities was implemented in a short time by joint work: «Membership in the association will give an opportunity to participate in annual conferences and be a part of the community, young scientists will be able to get support in their research and travel grants. What is the most important, the association is a platform for experience exchange with colleagues from all over the world. Our aim is to become open to European scholars, demonstrating the results of our research that can be as inspirational and rigorous as research done in Europe, USA, and Australia.».

The Russian Digital Humanities Network was established in 2016 to strengthen partnerships in the field of DH, collaboration in research and teaching in the field of Digital Humanities in Russia and abroad, organizing events aimed at the development of Digital Humanities in Russia.

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