The meeting of the International Council of the 5top100 Project

June 15, 2017, the second meeting of the International Council of SibFU took place at Siberian Federal University.

The agenda of the event included an assessment of the University's implementation of 5top100 Project in 2016-2017 along with the recommendations given to SibFU after the meeting of the Council on Enhancing the Competitiveness of Leading Universities of the Russian Federation among the world's leading research and educational centers in Moscow on 17-18 March 2017.

The International Council of SibFU was established more than a year ago as a part of the implementation of 5top100Project. Its task is an authoritative expert evaluation on all aspects of enhancing the international competitiveness of the university. It includes leading world scientists and specialists with experience in administrating leading universities.

The meeting was attended by the members of the rector's office, the directors of the schools, the heads of key departments and 5top100 projects managers. Foreign members of the International Council and the advisers of the rector took part in the meeting online.

Sergei Verkhovets, Vice-Rector for Research and International Cooperation of SibFU spoke with the report on the implementation of the Program for Enhancing Competitiveness in 2016. He spoke about the positions which had increased in key indicators, and also about the problem areas and measures that were taken to address them. Speech of Yevgeny Vaganov, the rector of SibFU, addressed the recommendations of the Council on improving the competitiveness of leading universities and suggestions of the SibFU management of achieving the necessary indicators in the near future.

"This March we defended the SibFU report for 2016 on 5top100 Project in the International Council at the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. The recommendations were given there, which we took into account and explained step by step. We considered what we can do in current conditions of our work, and what activities require financial support. Today we expected to receive a balanced evaluation of the solutions we proposed, and since a lot is planned, we also wanted to get some prioritization of our further actions," — commented Eugene Vaganov.

The rector allocated the main directions: the transformation of the management structure of the university in accordance with the objectives of the 5top100 Project, "human resource" and systematic actions to attract talented Russian and international students.

The members of the International Council gave specific advice and recommendations that should help the university to advance in the global scientific and educational space. The University's initiative to launch the second postgraduate contest "Postdok SibFU" was approved, and it was suggested to increase the number of international young scientists. The members of the International Council agreed that in the situation of the "dual university" (combining the technical, natural and scientific and humanitarian training profiles), it is necessary to differentiate the formulation of performance indicators so that all areas develop in a balanced manner. A number of quickly implemented measures were also proposed, which makes it possible to raise the international reputation of the university and achieve the so-called "quick wins". All voiced, as well as remotely submitted proposals of the members of the International Council will be included in the final resolution of the meeting, as well as in the road map of the second phase of the 5top100 Project (2018-2020).

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