Call for SibFU Postdoc Fellowship Program (Wave 2)

Siberian Federal University is announcing the SibFU Postdoc Fellowship Program (Wave 2). The purpose of the program is to encourage young researchers with PhD Degree (or Candidate of Sciences degree) to contribute to the University research and education activities.

The SibFU Postdoc Fellowship Program (Wave 2) is aimed at contributing to the international competitiveness of the SibFU among the world's leading research and educational centers (Project 5-100) by recruiting more youthful faculty members and researchers with time spent and know-how gained in academic and research spheres.

Postdoctoral fellows shall conduct their scientific research under the supervision of SibFU leading scientists.

The requirements to potential postdoc fellows:

  • age under 35 years old (at the moment of application);
  • PhD or Candidate of Sciences degree awarded not earlier than five years prior to the date of application;
  • fluent English language;
  • previous experience in grant research activities at one of the leading Russian or international university;
  • publications in high-rated scientific journals (indexed in Web of Science or Scopus);
  • the applicant has never been a participant of the program before.

The SibFU offer:

  • full employment at the position of a researcher for 1+2 year;
  • reimbursement of travel expenses for relocation (one-way flight tickets);
  • access to the well-equipped labs;
  • сomfortable housing in the residence hall at the SibFU campus;
  • visa support.

The information about the results of the Contest will be published at the University web-site.

The application package for participation shall be submitted on-line by July 31, 2017. More information.

For more details, please, contact:

Russian and International Academic Staff Recruitment Office, +7 (391) 206-25-13, hr [at] sfu-kras [dot] ru

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