PhD Programs at SibFU

Siberian Federal University offers for international students a range of 139 Russian-taught PhD’s programs and 14 English-taught PhD's programs in the different academic fields.

Program Title Duration
Biophysics 4 years
Metal Forming 4 years
Metallurgy of Non-Ferrous Metals 4 years
Multidimensional Complex Analysis 4 years
Optics and Quantum Chemistry 4 years
Urban Design and Planning 3 years
Ethnic and Cultural (Siberian Arctic) Studies 3 years
Ecology 4 years
Hydrobiology 4 years
Archeology 4 years
Mechanics of Liquids, gas and plasma 4 years
Paleogeography 3 years
Economics 3 years
Electrotechnology in metallurgy 3 years

The training we provide is done under the supervision of the researchers with a record of research publications in highly-ranked journals. The programmes’ final stage is an oral examination, the studies result in obtaining a Candidate of Sciences degree or PhD SibFU degree.

Acceptance of documents is carried out before 31st July.

Those who would like to try to enroll to our PhD’s programs should fill in the online application form.

To participate in our PhD grant program read the information follow the link.

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