Junior Scientist Energy Research Fellowship Competition

CRDF is pleased to announce a new initiative to promote research in the field of renewable and sustainable energy. CRDF’s Junior Scientist Energy Research Fellowship is a three-month opportunity for Eurasian Junior Scientists to travel to the United States and work with a U.S. specialist to pursue a project that aims to reduce worldwide dependency on non-renewable energy resources.
The program’s focus is to provide Junior Scientists with the opportunity to frame an issue and pose a research project in the following specific areas:

  • Technologies for Increased Energy Efficiency and Conservation
  • Alternative Energy Development and Applications
  • Each research fellowship will provide up to USD 7,500, including per diem stipends, travel funds, accommodation, and related research expenses.

Зам. директора НОЦ «Енисей» И.В. Кожевников, р.т. 44-59-06,

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